The ultimate objective of my work is to create what I call "spiritual nutrition", something cool, fun, interesting, something that inspires and adds a positive affect on the quality of the viewer’s waking day.

Like many people, I began drawing as a child, mainly in coloring books.

I remember one of earliest  drawings was a crayon drawing of my Mom and Dad kissing (now lost), that I did when I was about 4 or 5.

In my 1st grade of elementary school, I drew a picture of Ringo Starr playing the drums. This picture was selected to be shown in the window of the 4th grade class as part of a student art exhibition. I considered this a great honor.

In my middle school years I abandoned drawing, concentrating instead on schoolwork and learning how to play the trumpet. 

In college, I was exposed to and awestruck by the work of Salvador Dali that I would oftentimes see in the window displays of a local poster shop.

Some time after, I discovered a book on Marcel Duchamp. I was intrigued by Marcel's notion of "art" as merely the execution of an idea.

 Later, I began drawing again, enrolling in a course at Mendocino College taught by Wayne Knight. While taking this class, I began to consider drawing to be "painting," with the pencil or quill serving as a fine tipped "brush."

 I also took a Life Drawing class under the tutelage of Paula Gray. Paula's instruction and encouragement set me on a path. I have been drawing consistently ever since.

Wishing you health, wealth & peace of mind always.      

Keep feeling fascination.

Have fun.

Thanks & cheers!

wAth! aRt (he/she/they)

Banner photo thanks to and courtesy of Jimmy Animashaun (https://www.pexels.com/@jimmyfpd)